I think it might actually be one of the great questions of our age, how to navigate the rise of the personal brand. Busting up the old broadcast media machine and giving everyone a voice has turned us each into our own marketing department.

It’s natural for me to think about what numbers I can rack up on Twitter, but I need to think about promoting others, and about what we can build together. I dream of a social network where the focus is on the work being produced together, rather than personal brands per se.

Idan Gazit



People don’t know what they will want in the future. People don’t know what they want today. People lie.

We’re asking consumers to look at our life and make it easier, while we should be looking at their life and make it better.

Stefano Augello


Research can lead to insights and insights can lead to innovation. Listen and learn to read between the lines.

There is a difference between asking and understanding. Whether or not you agree with asking what people want, knowing their preferences or discovering new opportunities is important.

Brian Solis


If the information revolution succeeds, the standalone desktop computer will eventually vanish. Its chips, its lines of connection, even its visual interfaces will submerge into our environment until we are no longer conscious of their presence (except when they fail).

Since the measure of a technology’s success is how invisible it becomes, the best long-term strategy is to develop products and services that can be ignored.

Kevin Kelly