By skipping the media and publishing to reach audience directly, PR is missing the credibility that is earned through the media. Indeed, PR is defined by third-party validation, but the media is not the only source of credibility. Every link, tweet, like, Google +1, Stumble, bookmark – any Web connection that shares information – is a form of validation. Individually, they may not make an enormous difference, but over time the aggregate of voices definitely matter. It’s good old fashioned word of mouth marketing, done online and that answers that important question: I’m thinking about buying X, do you have any recommendations?

People don’t hate marketing, they hate interruptions. They’re obstacles that are intentionally placed between readers and the information they seek.

Frank Strong



Branding is just another name for creating a perception – how marketers want their audience to think about a product once it comes to market. The word “product” can easily be swapped for service, or blog, or newsletter, or any number of things marketers promote. The underlying concepts remain the same.

A brand is an expectation of an experience. The company and tag line and logo and brand colors only exist to call that experience to mind. The essence of a brand lies within its meaning. And words have meaning. Words matter.

Content is currency — something we trade for our audience’s attention. It’s our job to create content worth sharing. How it’s shared isn’t up to us.

Frank Strong