Serendipity was a major concern in the early days of the web. People argued that by letting your eye be drawn to a news story outside of your normal range of interests, the newspaper prevented you from becoming a blindered drone who knew everything about sports and business and nothing about everything else. It’s clear by now that hyperlinks provide serendipity of a deeper sort. Who can read a web site straight through without getting waylaid by some link and plunged into a world you knew nothing about until this moment?

Michael Kinsley



Twitter has an enormous advantage over Facebook in one key area: while people on Facebook tend to friend their friends, people on Twitter tend to follow their interests. People use Twitter more like they use TV; they follow accounts they are interested in, namely celebrities and companies, and then they consume the content as a form of entertainment.

Dustin Curtis


We are in an era where a spectatorial culture is giving a way to participatory culture. Convergence culture is a world where every story, sound, brand, image, relationship plays itself out across a maximum number of media channels.

As we expand the power to tell stories, we have the potential for stories to grab our imagination, to touch our hearts – stories that come not from entertainment infrastructure but from some average citizen whose reality has never been depicted on the screen before.

Henry Jenkins